Love Your Instapot

Purchasing an Instapot will be one of your best & one of your most intimidating kitchen purchases! It’s fast & intuitively cooks great food. In hot weather it’s a genius way to keep cool, avoiding the stovetop. Multitasking mama? You can’t burn the veggies when your kid inevitably needs you moments before a dish is complete.

I purchased this sucker on Black Friday in 2016. For almost a year, all we did with it was cook rice, releasing the pressure valve with the longest spoon in our utensil crock. It terrified me as it sputtered hot steam seamingly exactly where I stood with each attempt. And then I began forcing myself to use my Instapot, at which point I fell in love – boldly outside my comfort zone. Today, it’s used at least once a day for everything from steamed veggies to Chicken Marsala. It’s a hardworking beast of a machine. So here I am sharing what I’ve learned so that you too can stop limiting yourself & begin loving your Instapot!

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