Christine Neely Pignato lives in Hershey, PA with her handsome husband, adorable son & charismatic pooch. A photographer by trade & academia, Pignato has been behind the lens since 2008. Her passions, beyond her family, include cooking, running, hiking, yoga & reading.

Dash of Dirt was founded in January 2018. The blog focuses on food & recipes, zero waste, parenting & the great outdoors. Beyond gorgeous vibrant photography, her aim is to share her passion beyond the lens.

Pignato is available for hire for commercial photography – food, floral & product. Shoots may be local in the Hershey, Harrisburg & Lancaster PA area or may be assigned from a distance with goods shipped via snail mail. If you’re curious or want to brainstorm how your items may be captured, please reach out!

meraki [Greek] ~ (v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.