My name is Christine Neely Pignato & I live in the beautiful state of New York with my handsome husband & adorable toddler. A photographer by trade & academia, I’ve been behind the lens since 2008. I left behind a thriving portrait & birth photography studio in 2017 when our family relocated to follow my husband’s job. Instead of rebuilding what I had, instead I choose to refocus my creative endeavors on one of my passions – food photography.

Dash of Dirt is a blog capturing my messy little life; all the dirty details which make it uniquely beautiful. I’ve been Zero Waste since 2015 & striving to be intentionally minimalist since 2014. My waste-light clutter-free existence got thrown for a loop when I became a crunchy mama in 2017, though I wouldn’t trade my chaos for anything. I have a passion for great food, eat mostly paleo & follow a gluten-free diet. I’m a trail runner & hiker who believes I’m a happier person with a daily dose of nature… rain or shine. A clumsy yogi & tea fanatic. I’m also Deaf, which adds to my sense of self but would never be the first adjective I would pick if I were to describe who I am on paper.

These are the topics I write about. This is my perfectly imperfect dirty little life.

We have plans to homeschool our child(ren), inspired by Waldorf & Wildschooling. I have hopes to travel the United States in an RV with my little family, putting down roots in a home with chickens (I’m mildly obsessed with this idea). My blog may include those dreams as realities as time passes.

So please stay tuned. Join me in my journey as I muddle through my messy little life. Life with a Dash of Dirt.