I’ve started blogging, talking to a brick wall. Creating my monologue. I feel awkwardly transparent. My brain, as always, is going in a million different directions trying to figure out what to write about to keep people coming back. So allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. Maybe it will give you a clue as to what you might read should you return, which I hope you do.

I was born in Upstate New York. My father is a chemical engineer for what used to be General Electric (GE) before being consumed by Momentive. My mother was a SAHM with a serious side hustle & a thirst for travel, a perfect match as my father’s job relocated our family of four from the time I was in third grade until the beginning of High School. We lived in Holland/Belgium, England & Germany before returning back to the States. Although my passport would disagree, I don’t consider myself an American as much as International. My experience made a lasting impression & has left me with a permenant case of wanderlust.

I began college believing I would study Linguistics, pulling on my roots as a transient adolescent. However in 2006, I began losing my balance & hearing, leading to a major shift in trajectory for my career path. I stopped exploring my love of spoken languages & began learning American Sign Language. I fell in love with Visual Art where I felt equal to my classmates, studying the Great Masters I had loved from the Louvre in Paris & my childhood travels.

Also during that time, I fell for a guy. He changed my life without changing me. Our early banter included the confusing (to him) value of Rothko’s Estate & our second date included his helping hand while I completed an artist emulation inspired by Janine Antoni, painting the floor with my hair. I destroyed my highlights & definitely made a lasting impression; he stuck around. Seven years later we’re married with the coolest toddler ever, although we do admit we may be biased.

The Dude & I stayed around New York long enough to begin our careers. He did his thing as I did mine – a photography studio. My business was thriving just before we decided to relocate our family to expand his career & begin our own adventure. With the arrival of our first child & our very personal decision to raise him without outside care, photography got placed on the back burner as I evolved my work around my family. I’ll never resent my child for putting my career on pause, but there’s a huge part of me which is missing when I don’t have a thing for myself as part of my identity. One of the strong qualities I got from my mother was her game, putting my sister & I first but never neglecting herself. Dash of Dirt is mine. It’s inspired by my life; my family, of course, but also my hobbies, my activism & my photography. My messy life.

Get a Little Dirty.